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Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ⑤*From “Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)” to “Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath”~Road full of nature and freshness, where you can see wild deer~


※This article is written in English.※

ーーーーーー Greeting ーーーーーー





Hello. My name is kome.
This time, I will try to translate the past article “Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ⑤” into English, and try to send information about Noboribetsu Onsen to people overseas (o ^^ o)

At Noboribetsu Onsen, you can see people from various countries visiting for sightseeing.
Before traveling abroad, I enjoyed preparing for the trip with reference to local blogs and walk videos.
I would be pleased if you could use it as a reference so that overseas tourists can enjoy preparing for travel without anxiety by sending information about Noboribetsu Onsen in English.

Basically I can't speak English.I would appreciate it if you could forgive me for some strangeness in the text.



On a sunny day in September 2019, I strolled through the mountains of Noboribetsu Onsen.



This time, I will report with the title Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ⑤, the road from “Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)” to “Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath”.

(Click here for an article about Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp) → Noboribetsu * Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp) ~A swamp that feels wild and majestic~



Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath





About Noboribetsu Onsen walk

First of all, I will explain a little about Noboribetsu Onsen Wark.

When I used the “Jigoku-Dani Parking Lot” before, I received the “Noboribetsu Onsen Tekuteku Walking MAP”.

Looking at the map, there are seven promenades and exploration trails around "Jigoku-Dani" at the back of the hot spring town and "Oyunuma" at a distance.
I learned that I can take a lot of walks.



Part of “Noboribetsu Onsen Tekuteku Walking MAP”


There are various roads from the walking level to the mountain walking level. For example, a simple road that can be reached in about 10 minutes, or a road that walks over 40 minutes by combining several promenades. I want to challenge little by little in the future (* ^^ *)


Also, I thought that it was important to go for a walk this time, preparing for belongings.

Below is a note of what I found necessary.

What you always thought you should have




大塚製薬 経口補水液 オーエスワン 500ml
価格:208円(税込、送料別) (2019/9/18時点)


Something that seems better to have if necessary



 ・Salt replenishment

 ・Wet tissue(When eating outside)

 ・Replacement socks(When using footbath)


森永製菓 inタブレット塩分プラス 80g
価格:192円(込、送料別) (2019/9/18時点)


About 「Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath」

“Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath” visited this time is a natural footbath made from “Oyunuma River”, a sulfur spring river that flows from “Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)”.

To go from “Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)” to “Natural Footbath”, you need to walk along the “Oyunuma Scenic Pathway (Oyunuma-gawa-tansyo-hodou)” that through the forest.
You can enjoy a pleasant walk while taking a forest bath along the way.


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway entrance


Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath

In the footbath, there are places to sit and cushions.

When I visited, it was a hot day, so I didn't feel like "warm in the footbath" ... but I enjoyed a cool and gentle forest bath.

The sound of the river that I listened to while cooling in the shade was very comfortable.The eyes, ears, skin, and breathing gave me a feeling of natural comfort.



Stroll !

This time, I summarized the road from “Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)” to “Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath”.

The red marker on the map is the way I walked this time. I'm sorry that it's hard to see. Sweat



Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp) → Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath

It was about 20~25 minutes on foot.


I couldn't shoot videos like those in other “Noboribetsu Onsen Walk” articles, but if I can go someday, I'll update them with walking videos.





「Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)」→「Oyunuma Scenic Pathway」

Now, go!
Depart from Oyunuma and walk along the road to “Oyunuma Scenic Pathway”.


Depart Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)

There wasn't much traffic, but I walked the road carefully.


From the road, you can see Oyunuma and Mt.Hiyori on the other side.
When I looked, I found a deer at the foot of Mt.Hiyori!


Found a deer at the foot of Mt. Hiyori


Found a deer at the foot of Mt. Hiyori


Found a deer at the foot of Mt. Hiyori


Found a deer at the foot of Mt. Hiyori

The figure of eating grass so hard was cute.
When I looked at it for a while, two more deer came out and interacted as if they were exchanging information.I felt wild and cute and was healed.


When I walked like this, I arrived at the entrance of “Oyunuma Scenic Pathway”.


Depart Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)





「Oyunuma Scenic Pathway」 → 「Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath」

Go down to the forest from the “Oyunuma Scenic Pathway” entrance.


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway

The scaffolding is a little worse than the road I walked in “Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ① ~ ④”.I enjoyed walking on mountain roads that are different from clean roads.


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway


It is Oyunuma River. Is it because of the sulfur that is a little greenish?


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway


After crossing the bridge, walk along the river. 


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway


Oyunuma Scenic Pathway

Boarded road ... I was really excited.
It was very nice to be familiar with the scenery of the forest. In addition to the excitement, there are also downhill slopes, making the gait lighter.



Oyunuma Scenic Pathway

When I was walking on the boarded road, I could see the “footbath”. This was also made of wood and was familiar with the forest.





「Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath」 

I relaxed for a while at the “Oyunuma River Natural Footbath”.


Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath


When I looked around, I saw some attention guide. 


Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath Attention guide

ーーーーー Attention Guide ーーーーー

【Attention】 To those using natural footbaths
Please note that if hot mud suddenly erupts from “Taisho Hell” in the upstream, high temperature springs will flow. (Frequent occurrences since November 2016.)




Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath Attention guide

ーーーーー Attention Guide ーーーーー

(Some parts are missing and invisible) This is a source that flows from Oyunuma. Please note that the temperature of the hot water may increase depending on the season and weather.


There is a danger of high temperature hot water coming out. Be careful when using footbaths.


There was also a rental cushion.


Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath Cushion rental

I sat down at the footbath and listened to the sound of the river.


Relax with Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath


River flowing through Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath

A calm and heart-warming time flows.


When I was relaxing at the footbath, I found something like this on the opposite bank.


Looking at the opposite bank


Stone masonry

Stones are piled up.
Is this “the masonry of the blue river (Sai-no-kawara)” that the children who died before their parents continue to pile stones?

Hell penetrates until "Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath" that is away from Jigokudani. It is a thorough production.Who did it, whether tourists piled up or tourist associations piled up.

ーーー About “the masonry of the blue river (Sai-no-kawara)” ーーー
After the death, the “Sai no Kawara (blue river)” is in front of the “Sanzu-No-Kawa(Sanzu River)” that goes to the world after death.
There, children who have died before their parents continue to pile stones to support their parents.The piled up stones are destroyed by the Oni and must be reloaded from scratch.

This unrewarded suffering must be repeated endlessly because it has committed one of the deadly sins of “dying before parents”.

In order to compensate for the sins that have grieveed and afflicted parents, they must pave the stone while enduring unrewarded suffering.


It's very painful that Sai-no-kawara is waiting for more suffering after the painful situation of even the person himself dying before his parents.

I was surprised that dying before my parents was a big crime, regardless of the will of the person.





Walking video

This road is not filmed.

I want to go shooting someday, so in that case I will update it again with a video (^^)




・About 20~25 minutes on foot from “Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)” to “Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath”.

・From "Oyunuma (Oyu Swamp)" to "Oyunuma Scenic Pathway", you can see Oyunuma and Mt. Hiyori, and you can see the nature of wild animals.

・“Oyunuma Scenic Pathway” is a slightly steep road, although it has been maintained. But you can take a pleasant walk while taking a forestbath.

・"Oyunuma Brook Natural Footbath" has chairs and cushions. A pleasant place where you can feel nature with your eyes, ears and breathing.



Thank you for watching to the end.

I would be happy if you can feel the excitement and feeling of air.I would be more pleased if there was something that would be helpful to you (* ^^ *)


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