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Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ③* (About 10 minutes on foot)From “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” to “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory” through “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory”~A path to feel cool and calm air surrounded by greenery~


※This article is written in English.※

ーーーーーー Greeting ーーーーーー





Hello. My name is kome.
This time, I will try to translate the past article “Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ③” into English, and try to send information about Noboribetsu Onsen to people overseas (o ^^ o)

At Noboribetsu Onsen, you can see people from various countries visiting for sightseeing.
Before traveling abroad, I enjoyed preparing for the trip with reference to local blogs and walk videos.
I would be pleased if you could use it as a reference so that overseas tourists can enjoy preparing for travel without anxiety by sending information about Noboribetsu Onsen in English.

Basically I can't speak English.I would appreciate it if you could forgive me for some strangeness in the text.



On a sunny day in September 2019, I strolled through the mountains of Noboribetsu Onsen.



This time, I will report with the title "Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ③”, the road from "Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)" through "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory" to "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory" following the previous article "Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ②"



Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade






About Noboribetsu Onsen walk

First of all, I will explain a little about Noboribetsu Onsen Wark.

When I used the “Jigoku-Dani Parking Lot” before, I received the “Noboribetsu Onsen Tekuteku Walking MAP”.

Looking at the map, there are seven promenades and exploration trails around "Jigoku-Dani" at the back of the hot spring town and "Oyunuma" at a distance.
I learned that I can take a lot of walks.



Part of “Noboribetsu Onsen Tekuteku Walking MAP”


There are various roads from the walking level to the mountain walking level. For example, a simple road that can be reached in about 10 minutes, or a road that walks over 40 minutes by combining several promenades. I want to challenge little by little in the future (* ^^ *)


Also, I thought that it was important to go for a walk this time, preparing for belongings.

Below is a note of what I found necessary.

What you always thought you should have




大塚製薬 経口補水液 オーエスワン 500ml
価格:208円(税込、送料別) (2019/9/18時点)


Something that seems better to have if necessary



 ・Salt replenishment

 ・Wet tissue(When eating outside)

 ・Replacement socks(When using footbath)


森永製菓 inタブレット塩分プラス 80g
価格:192円(込、送料別) (2019/9/18時点)




About 「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory」


"Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory" is an observation deck in the forest in the middle of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade.

From the main “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory”, you can arrive in less than 10 minutes.



Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory


View from the Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory


Because it was in the woods, the greenery was so dark that it felt less liberated than the main “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory”.

Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory is a little high, I think that I can overlook Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley), but I couldn't see much of the mountain surface of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) because it was blocked by the overgrown plants.

I was a little disappointed.


However, the road to "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory" was very pleasant!

In a cool and quiet forest, you can take a walk while enjoying a forest bath in a very calm mood.There are stone roads and it looks like the world of Ghibli.

A walk around "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade" is highly recommended!





This time,I summarized The road from “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” through “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory” to “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory” .

The red marker on the map is the way I walked this time. I'm sorry that it's hard to see. Sweat



Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)→Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory→Jigoku-Dani(Hell Valley)Observatory


It was about 10 minutes on foot.

I also posted a video below, so please check it out if you like. I think that the atmosphere will be conveyed more (* ^^ *)





「Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)」→「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade」Junction point

Now, walk! Say goodbye to Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond) and leave.


Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)


Again, go back on a straight road on the bare earth. 


Depart from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)


As with the outbound journey, walk while watching along the mountain surface of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) and the hot spring river.


Sanzuno-Kawa(Sanzu River)

This river made of hot springs is likened to “River of the Sanzu” which is said to be in front of death world.

There is a strong sulfur scent around here.


ーーーーーー by the way ーーーーーー 

I had an opportunity to talk with a person who was doing esthetic massage at a hotel and had been dispatched from Sapporo to Noboribetsu Onsen.

She was't used to the smell of sulfur in Noboribetsu Onsen, and she was enough to change the dispatch destination.

In Noboribetsu, where she couldn't escape the smell, I felt sorry that she would have been very hard.



Flowing hot springs and sulfur-discolored ground.


Sanzuno-Kawa(Sanzu River)


Sanzuno-Kawa(Sanzu River)

The hot spring path has turned green. The color of white and true green is beautiful.

I examined it, but even if it says sulfur discoloration in a word, it seems that there are various colors that change color such as green and black depending on pH and environment.



View of the road back from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

I was impressed with the beautiful scenery with the clear green, mountain surface, and clear color of the sky.





「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade」Junction point →「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory」

I'm back to Promenade

Follow the road on the left side of the photo.


”Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade” Junction point

ーーーーーー by the way ーーーーーー

There seems to be a story that if you look back on the way from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond) back to the promenade, you will be taken to the Oni.

I looked back a lot without knowing, but this time, I was overlooked and it was safe (^^)




River of the Sanzu


A short walk along the promenade will take you into the forest.


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade

The stone road invites you into nature. 


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade


You walk in the forest for a while, you will come to the open space.
There is also a Azuma-ya where you can take a break.


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade


On the left is the first destination "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory".


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory

I have arrived at "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory"!





「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory」→「Jigoku-Dani(Hell Valley)Observatory」

It is the scenery seen from "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory".


View from the Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory

Compared with "Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory", there is a lot of greenery and the atmosphere of the forest is added.


Go beyond the open space.


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade

A fairly steep downhill + staircase appears.

This is also beautifully paved, so you can walk with peace of mind. However, this inclination will respond a little to tired feet.



From “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade” to “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory”

At the end of the downhill is the promenade starting point “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory”.
I'm back.(*^^*)

While taking a forest bath, I was able to take a walk with a feeling of pleasant air. Also, most of the scaffolds were in place, so I could walk with peace of mind.

Again, a walk on the “Hell Valley Promenade” is highly recommended.







Walking video

I went to another day to shoot a video about the road I talked about this time.Please see if you want (* ^^ *)

※The camera shake is terrible because the angle is changed every time someone else's face is likely to appear. It ’s hard to see and you ’ll get drunk. Please watch carefully. ※

*Fast forward version*


*Normal (normal speed) version*






・About 10 minutes on foot from “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” to “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory” through “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Observatory”.

・On this road, I was able to take a pleasant walk while taking a forest bath.

・Most scaffolds are in place and you can walk safely.

・"Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Overhang Observatory '' is overgrown and personally lacks a sense of liberation.




 Thank you for watching to the end.

I would be happy if you can feel the excitement and feeling of air.I would be more pleased if there was something that would be helpful to you (* ^^ *)


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