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Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ②* (About 5 minutes on foot) From “Jigoku-Dani(Hell Vally)Observatory” to “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” in the center of Jigokudani via “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade”


※This article is written in English.※

ーーーーーー Greeting ーーーーーー





Hello. My name is kome.
This time, I will try to translate the past article “Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ①” into English, and try to send information about Noboribetsu Onsen to people overseas (o ^^ o)

At Noboribetsu Onsen, you can see people from various countries visiting for sightseeing.
Before traveling abroad, I enjoyed preparing for the trip with reference to local blogs and walk videos.
I would be pleased if you could use it as a reference so that overseas tourists can enjoy preparing for travel without anxiety by sending information about Noboribetsu Onsen in English.

Basically I can't speak English.I would appreciate it if you could forgive me for some strangeness in the text.



On a sunny day in September 2019, I strolled through the mountains of Noboribetsu Onsen.



This time, I will report with the title Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ②, the road from “Jigoku-Dani(Hell Vally)Observatory” to “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” following the previous article “Noboribetsu Onsen Walk ①”.



Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)


View from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)





About Noboribetsu Onsen walk

First of all, I will explain a little about Noboribetsu Onsen Wark.

When I used the “Jigoku-Dani Parking Lot” before, I received the “Noboribetsu Onsen Tekuteku Walking MAP”.

Looking at the map, there are seven promenades and exploration trails around "Jigoku-Dani" at the back of the hot spring town and "Oyunuma" at a distance.
I learned that I can take a lot of walks.



Part of “Noboribetsu Onsen Tekuteku Walking MAP”


There are various roads from the walking level to the mountain walking level. For example, a simple road that can be reached in about 10 minutes, or a road that walks over 40 minutes by combining several promenades. I want to challenge little by little in the future (* ^^ *)


Also, I thought that it was important to go for a walk this time, preparing for belongings.

Below is a note of what I found necessary.

What you always thought you should have




大塚製薬 経口補水液 オーエスワン 500ml
価格:208円(税込、送料別) (2019/9/18時点)


Something that seems better to have if necessary



 ・Salt replenishment

 ・Wet tissue(When eating outside)

 ・Replacement socks(When using footbath)


森永製菓 inタブレット塩分プラス 80g
価格:192円(込、送料別) (2019/9/18時点)




About Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

“Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” visited this time is a geyser located almost in the center of “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley)”. 

I felt a little small for a pond and a little gentle for a geyser.However, you can get close and observe at a short distance.



Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

While I was observing, although the hot springs did not erupt vigorously, they seemed to the bubbly and boiling gently.
In an article six years ago, it says, “As fumarolic activity occurs every few minutes, if you stop for a while and watch the state of Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond), you can enjoy the changing state.” It was.I would like to take time to see it next time.
In addition, it seems that Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond) is likened to the pot of hell, derived from the name of Hell Valley.






This time, I summarized the road from “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Vally) Observatory” to “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)”.

The red marker on the map is the way I walked this time. I'm sorry that it's hard to see. Sweat



Jigoku-Dani(Hell Vally)Observatory → Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)


It was about 5 minutes on foot.

I also posted a video below, so please check it out if you like. I think that the atmosphere will be conveyed more (* ^^ *)





「Jigoku-Dani(Hell Vally)Observatory」→On the「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade」

Now, go to the Jigokudani promenade.


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade

It is a prepared promenade. There were many people walking with fashionable shoes that were easy to walk.

Nature is overflowing right next to the promenade, so you can walk while feeling a pleasant atmosphere. 


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade


There were attention guide in some places. Everyone, please walk carefully (^^)


Attention guide




Attention guide

「Do not climb on the fence」


While walking along the promenade, you can see Jigokudani from various angles.


View from the Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade


View from the Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade

As usual, the rugged mountain surface is cool.


Since it becomes direct sunlight from on the way, the heat becomes more and more intense.
I want a parasol on a sunny day.


If you go along the promenade for a while, a fork appears.

The road on the left is a continuation of the promenade, and the road on the right is the road to “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)”.


Forked Road

I head towards the center of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley).





「Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade」→「Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)」

Divide from the promenade and enter the road to Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond).


Way to Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

Because it is a little downhill, you can overlook Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) .


Way to Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

It ’s a nice view.
As soon as you enter the road towards the center of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley), you will feel the earth closer. I feel geothermal heat.


You can see the valley very well.


Hot Spring River


Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley)



There is a hot spring river, and steam is rising.This river is likened to the “Sanzuno-Kawa(Sanzuno River:A river said to be on the way to the world after death)”.The smell of sulfur is getting stronger.


Hot spring river flowing through Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley)


"Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)" is just around the corner!


A little more arrive at Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)





Arrived at 「Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)」!

Arrived at "Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)"!


Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

When I saw it, it seemed not very active. If you look closely, there is a little bubbling around the middle.



Explanation board & Steam

Great steam right beside there! !




「Please don't put coins in it.」

When I was wondering what the benefits would be because a lot of money was thrown in, I found this note.

It seems not good to put money. I'm glad I noticed the signboard. Sweat


As mentioned above, it was meant that you could enjoy Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond) changes over time, so this time I would like to enjoy watching Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond) more slowly. The This time there was insufficient information gathering in advance.




View from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

The view from “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)” was also beautiful.


The colors of the valley, forest, sky and steam are beautiful.


View from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

Looking back at the path I walked, I feel a sense of liberation again.


View from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)

It will be healed.


I could see a hot spring town far away.


View from Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)





Walking video

I went to another day to shoot a video about the road I talked about this time.Please see if you want (* ^^ *)

※The camera shake is terrible because the angle is changed every time someone else's face is likely to appear. It ’s hard to see and you ’ll get drunk. Please watch carefully. ※

*Fast forward version*


*Normal (normal speed) version*





・About 5 minutes on foot from “Jigoku-Dani (Hell Vally) Observatory” to “Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)”

・"Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)" is a quiet bubbling geyser in the center of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley)(You can enjoy the change if you look slowly!)

・“Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) Promenade” is easy to walk and feels nature

・On the way to "Tessen-Ike (Iron Spring Pond)", you can see the state of Jigoku-Dani (Hell Valley) up close, and you can see the river and steam made of rugged and cool mountain surfaces and hot springs.



 Thank you for watching to the end.

I would be happy if you can feel the excitement and feeling of air.I would be more pleased if there was something that would be helpful to you (* ^^ *)


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